Accepting and Rejecting Speaker Proposals

Once you've got some submissions in and you've rated some talks, it's time to select some talks! From your Event Page, click on "See All Submissions" to get your list of talks. 

You'll end up on the Submissions page, where you'll see all the great talks that have been submitted. 

Here is where all the selection happens. Speakers aren't notified until you're ready to actually notify your speakers, so feel free to accept, reject, and move the talks around while you build your speaker list. This will send out an email with a link to "Confirm" their talk on PaperCall. 

To Accept or Reject a talk, you just need to select from the drop down. That will move it to a different tab as you build your list. 


Once you're happy with your speaker list, it's time to notify them!

Notifying Speakers

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