Anonymized Submissions with PaperCall

PaperCall allows you to run a Call for Proposals without knowing who the submitter of the proposal is.

How does it work?

From the time you launch, through the rating process, you won't be able to view the bio or any information about the speaker, only their proposal. Once you and all of your co-organizers have provided ratings, given feedback, etc, and are ready to actually make your final selections from your rated proposals, you'll "Reveal" the speakers identities. 

Once you reveal the identities, you won't be able to hide them again. It's a one way action, so be ready!

Should you run an anonymized CFP? 

Maybe! it's up to you and your conference committee. It's a great way to avoid unconscious bias. Julia Evans of !!Con wrote a great primer. With PaperCall, an anonymized CFP very easy, with no additional burden on your organizing committee. 

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